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WWE RAW Results — July 13, 2020

WWE Raw Results
WWE Raw Results

– WWE’s “The Horror Show at Extreme Rules” go-home edition of WWE RAW opens up with the normal video package. We’re live on a tape delay from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Tom Phillips welcomes us. He’s joined by Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton. They hype tonight’s show.

– We go right to the ring and MVP is out for another edition of The VIP Lounge. We see the WWE NXT developmental trainees booing him in the crowd. Tom hypes MVP vs. WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews at Extreme Rules. MVP has the new United States Title belt in one of his chairs.

MVP hypes tonight’s segment and says his guests are better than all of you. He talks about how his guest took in WWE Champion Drew McIntyre when he was a bum with nothing. He goes on with the praise and then introduces Dolph Ziggler, who will challenge McIntyre at the pay-per-view on Sunday. Ziggler marches to the ring as the crowd boos. Tom hypes Ziggler vs. McIntyre at Extreme Rules and how Ziggler might not reveal the match stipulation until Sunday. We get a replay of how Ziggler brought Heath Slater back last week, but it backfired as Slater lost to McIntyre and then embraced McIntyre after being saved from a post-match attack by Ziggler.

Ziggler and MVP start discussing McIntyre. MVP says Ziggler made Drew and knows what makes him tick. MVP also respects Ziggler for what he’s doing by not revealing the stipulation. Ziggler goes on about how be picked Drew up from obscurity, brought him to RAW and taught him everything he knew. Ziggler says Drew hasn’t thanked him once. He goes on about how without him, Drew would not have defeated Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36, and so on. He would be nothing. MVP ends up thanking Ziggler for all he does, for being selfless, and for helping others. They shake hands. Ziggler mentions Drew losing the WWE Title because of how he is. The music interrupts and out comes Drew in street clothes, all smiles and carrying the strap.

McIntyre hits the ring and apologizes for interrupting their “little ass kissing session” they have going on. He taunts them some more and brings up how Ziggler used Slater last week. Drew has done a lot of soul searching since then, thinking about his career and Ziggler’s career. He talks about how Ziggler is always using other people. They were never friends. McIntyre says Dolph may be one of the most talented wrestlers the industry has ever seen but this Sunday… Ziggler interrupts and mocks Drew. Drew yells at him to shut up. Drew says he’s going to hurt Ziggler, maim him. Ziggler will beg Drew to stop but Drew says he’s going to torture Ziggler, making him regret the day he picked up the phone to call Drew to come back to RAW. Drew says whatever happens on Sunday is on Dolph. Drew says he can’t wait until Sunday, he needs some action right now. The crowd cheers. Ziggler speaks but Drew immediately drops him with a big right hand to the mouth. Drew warns MVP and he backs off. Drew yells a warning at Ziggler while he’s down on the mat, then exits the ring as his music hits. McIntyre taunts Ziggler and MVP from ringside again before heading to the back.

– Charly Caruso is backstage with Angel Garza, Zelina Vega and Andrade. She asks about the dissension in their group from recent weeks. Vega asks Caruso why she’s pushing this false narrative that her clients can’t get on the same page. She brags about teaming with Randy Orton, and putting fear in The Viking Raiders and RAW Tag Team Champions The Street Profits. Vega goes on and insults Caruso. Garza and Andrade interrupt, and they’re confident about beating The Vikings tonight, then going on to win the titles. Erik and Ivar walk up. They’re going to run through Andrade and Garza tonight as payback for some of their recent actions. Ivar snatches the rose from Garza’s hand and gives it to Caruso. She blushes and thanks him. The Vikings walk off, leaving the heels upset.

Elimination Grudge Match: The Viking Raiders vs. Angel Garza and Andrade

Back from the break and The Viking Raiders are out for tonight’s Elimination Match – Erik and Ivar. Angel Garza and Andrade are also out with Zelina Vega.

The bell rings and Andrade and Vega attack their opponents to start, hitting them when they’re not ready. Vega cheers them on from ringside. Garza rips off his pants early on but misses Ivar with a follow-up shot. Erik comes in and rocks Garza, then hits an Exploder. Erik sends Andrade off the apron and then hits Garza. Ivar tags in and Garza gets double teamed. The Vikings go on and Erik sends Ivar into Garza in the corner. Andrade breaks the pin up at 2.

More back and forth between the two teams. Garza superkicks Erik and in comes Andrade. Andrade hits the running double knees and Garza dropkicks Ivar off the apron. Andrade follows up and hits the Hammerlock DDT to Erik for the pin. Erik has been eliminated.

Back from the break and Ivar is getting double teamed. Ivar goes for a big dive but it backfires. Garza and Andrade are distracted with their issues at ringside again, allowing Ivar to run the ropes and nail a huge suicide dive for a pop. Ivar brings it back in but Garza goes for a roll up for 2. Garza with a dropkick to the face. Ivar counters out of the corner and drops Garza with a huge right hand. Andrade is still dazed on the outside.

Garza slides out of a powerbomb but Ivar comes back and levels him with a huge clothesline. Andrade tags in but Ivar drops them both. Ivar covers Andrade for the pin. Andrade has been eliminated.

Ivar and Garza go at it now. Garza with a dropkick. The crowd rallies for Ivar. Garza tries for the Wing Clipper but hits a superkick instead. Ivar comes back with a big seated senton. Ivar goes on and hits a spin kick for a close 2 count as Andrade places Garza’s foot on the bottom rope to break the pin. Vega celebrates but Ivar is upset. More back and forth between Ivar and Garza now. Ivar goes for a big senton from the corner but Garza counters and turns it into a powerbomb for the pin to win.

Winner: Angel Garza

– After the match, Garza goes to ringside and receives a show of respect from Andrade as Vega looks on smiling. Their music hits as we go to replays. Vega and her crew stand tall together on the ramp, raising their arms in the air.

– Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Ruby Riott. She goes to show us a replay of what recently happened with The IIconics, but Billie Kay and Peyton Royce interrupt. The send Schreiber on her way. They start taunting Riott and she threatens to punch them in the face if they don’t quit running their mouths. The IIconics say tonight’s tag team match looks to be a Handicap Match because Riott doesn’t have any friends. Bianca Belair appears and Riott introduces her friend, calling her The EST of WWE. Belair cuts a promo on being Riott’s partner and talks about disliking The IIconics. She says they can’t beat her and then walks off. Riott agrees and follows her as The IIconics look on. Back to commercial.

The IIconics vs. Ruby Riott and Bianca Belair

Back from the break and The IIconics are in the ring – Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. Out next comes Ruby Riott to the stage. Bianca Belair is out next, making her return. They head to the ring together for a pop.

Royce and Riott start things off. Back and forth and pin attempts early on. Riott hits the standing STO for a 2 count. The IIconics keep control as Kay comes in for a 2 count. Royce tags back in as they keep Riott in their corner with quick tags. Royce ends up hitting a spin kick to Riott but Riott comes right back with a jawbreakaer. Kay tags in and stops Riott from tagging again.

Riott kicks Kay away and in comes Belair for a pop. Belair unloads on Kay. Belair with a big dropkick for another pop. Belair shows off some and hits a Spear into the corner. Belair with thrusts to the gut of Belair in the corner now. Belair scoops Kay and shows off while lifting her. She slams Kay and taunts Royce.

Belair knocks Royce off the apron and pins Kay for a 2 count. More back and forth now as all four Superstars get involved. Riott takes Royce back down on the floor. Belair ends up hitting the KOD on Kay for the pin to get the fairly quick win.

Winners: Ruby Riott and Bianca Belair

– After the match, Riott stands tall with Belair in the middle of the ring as Belair’s music hits. We go to replays. Kay checks on Royce at ringside and they throw a fit as the winners celebrate in the ring.

– WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth greets Ricochet and Cedric Alexander backstage. He congratulates Ricochet on winning MVP of RAW. Ricochet corrects him – he’s facing Bobby Lashley, with MVP, on RAW. Truth says that’s what he meant. Truth goes on and they mention his match with Randy Orton tonight. Truth says he was challenged by WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, not Orton. They correct him – he was challenged by Flair, on behalf of Orton. Truth realizes he has to face Orton tonight and he says he’s got to go. Truth walks off but Akira Tozawa is there. Truth says he never thought he’d say this but he needs Tozawa to teach him how to be a black belt in 5-7 minutes. Tozawa says no. Truth turns around to walk off but Tozawa rolls him up for a 2 count as a referee appears. Tozawa’s ninjas join him now. Truth orders Tozawa to meet him in the ring. Right now. A more serious Truth storms off and Tozawa follows. It looks like Truth is pulling double duty, according to Tom. Back to commercial.

WWE 24/7 Title Match: Akira Tozawa vs. R-Truth

Back from the break and Akira Tozawa is waiting in the ring with his ninjas. WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth is out next, rapping his way to the ring.

Truth takes the mic and says he doesn’t like how Tozawa is out here with his ninjas. The music interrupts and out comes Shayna Baszler to a pop. Baszler marches to the ring and is all business. Tozawa sees her and hides behind his ninjas. Baszler starts taking out ninjas as Truth and Tozawa look on. Baszler stares down Tozawa now after taking out all the ninjas. Tozawa leaves the ring and wants none of Baszler. Baszler turns her attention to Truth now. Truth says he will let himself out of the ring. He makes his exit.

Baszler takes the mic. She says she’s been so patient. She’s allowed everyone here to have their fun but she is done. Baszler says all these weak minded women’s champions are running around fooling themselves with the disillusion that they are under control, that the limbs and terror left in Baszler’s wake are a distant memory. Baszler is back to shatter that illusion by hitting everyone with a hard dose of reality, and she is that reality. Baszler’s music hits and she makes her exit.

– We see how Rey Mysterio announced the “Eye For An Eye” stipulation for his Extreme Rules match with Seth Rollins last week. Murphy approaches Rollins backstage and Rollins asks what’s bothering him. Murphy asks if someone is really going to lose an eye at Extreme Rules. Rollins wants Murphy to remember that nothing of significance happens without sacrifice and remember, Rey asked for this. Rollins tells Murphy to stay backstage and focus on his match with Aleister Black but he has a message to deliver. Rollins walks off and we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and Tom leads us to a trailer for the new WWE Battlegrounds video game.

– We go to the ring and out comes Seth Rollins. Rollins rants on the “Eye For An Eye” match with Rey Mysterio at Extreme Rules. Rollins never wanted to hurt Rey but Rey really wants to take his eye out. Rollins can’t believe it and how something like this is being sanctioned in WWE. He goes on and says Rey will never see Dominick wrestle, his family, or see the sun rise and set. Rollins believes this will be a new beginning for RAW. He’s suddenly interrupted by Kevin Owens making his way out.

Owens says he’s sorry to interrupt, but no he’s not. He runs Rollins down on the mic and says he’s scum for making a guy like Rey want to gouge his eyes out. Owens understands where Rey is coming from because he was ready to end his own career at WrestleMania 36 if it meant shutting Rollins up. Owens is in the ring now. Owens taunts Rollins and jokes that he’s friends with a pirate named Jean-Pierre LaFitte (PCO) and he gave Owens an eye patch for Rollins to use after Sunday’s match. Rollins isn’t happy. Rollins says Owens must think he’s funny, but Owens won’t be able to make it to their match tonight. Rollins calls Murphy out to help him and here he comes. The music hits and out comes Aleister Black to even the odds. A brawl breaks out at ringside as we go to commercial.

Murphy vs. Aleister Black

Back from the break and Murphy unloads on Aleister Black in the corner as the match is already underway. Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins watch from ringside.

Murphy with more offense but Black rocks him with a kick. More back and forth between the two. Murphy comes out of the corner but Black knocks him out of the air with a big boot to the face. Black with strikes in the middle of the ring now. Black rocks Murphy with more strikes and levels him with a flying knee to the face. Black keeps control until Murphy counters and takes him down. They both land on the mat but Murphy is up first. Murphy looks to capitalize but he runs into a huge jumping knee to the face.

Murphy kicks out at 2. Black calls for Black Mass but it’s blocked as Murphy continues to focus on his knee. Murphy gets dropped on the apron. Black approaches but Murphy rocks him. Murphy tries to suplex Black to the floor but Black fights him. Black nails a huge Black Mass, sending Murphy to the mat. Black covers but Rollins breaks the pin up for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Aleister Black

– After the bell, Owens goes for Rollins but the music interrupts and out comes Rey Mysterio with Dominick. Rollins and Murphy are cornered as we go back to commercial.

Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens

Back from the break and the bell hits for this WrestleMania 36 rematch between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. Rey Mysterio, Dominick and Aleister Black are at ringside for Owens. Murphy is at ringside for Rollins.

Owens unloads on Rollins to start. Owens works Rollins around the ring and drops him out of the corner. Owens stomps away for a 2 count in the middle of the ring. Owens taunts Rollins and Rollins pleads with him. Owens attacks Rollins anyway, beating him down in the corner. Owens ends up running into a boot in the corner. Black distracts Rollins from the floor, allowing Owens to drop him in the corner. Owens follows up with a big corner cannonball for a pop. Rollins kicks out at 2.

Owens rocks Rollins and takes him down to the mat, putting a knee to his back. More back and forth between the two. Owens ends up beating Rollins around at ringside, sending him into the barrier and talking trash. Owens stops Rollins from escaping through the timekeeper’s area. Owens brings it back in but Rollins goes right back out. Owens beats Rollins against the Plexiglas barrier now. Owens tosses Rollins into the barrier again as the crowd pops. Owens resets the count and goes for a splash off the apron but Rollins cuts him off. They tangle on the apron and Owens ends up dropping Rollins in the ring. Owens comes back through the ropes but Rollins chop blocks him.

Owens goes back to the floor and Owens nails a big suicide dive, sending Owens into the barrier. Rollins stands tall on the outside as the boos pick up while Mysterio, Dominick and Black stare him down. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Rollins works Owens over while he’s down as the boos continue. Owens gets sent to the floor but he connects first when Rollins follows. Rollins counters and sends Owens into the barrier. Rollins with more offense before bringing Owens into the ring. Rollins still can’t put Owens away and the babyfaces at ringside rally for Owens now while Rollins grounds him.

More back and forth between Rollins and Owens as they tangle. Owens rocks Rollins away but Rollins connects. Owens ducks a kick. Rollins blocks a DDT. Rollins with a big forearm. They trade more counters but Owens superkicks Rollins to the mat. Owens also goes down. Owens ducks a clothesline and ends up hitting the DDT this time. Rollins kicks out at 2. More back and forth as Rollins takes control. Rollins with a big Blockbuster from the top but Owens still kicks out at 2. Rollins is frustrated now.

Rollins ends up taking a big superkick to the face. Rollins avoids a pop-up powerbomb and nails an enziguri. Rollins drops Owens with a superkick to more boos. Owens still kicks out at 2. Rollins isn’t happy. Rollins goes for the Stomp but Owens dodges it. Rollins blocks the Stunner. Rollins rocks Owens from the apron and climbs up but Owens cuts him off. Owens climbs up to the top with Rollins now. They tangle in the corner and Rollins sends Owens to the mat by clawing at his eyes. Owens screams out and hits the mat. The crowd boos.

Black tries to run interference, as does Dominick. Then Rey. Owens takes advantage of the distraction and grabs Rollins from behind, hitting the Stunner. Owens covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Kevin Owens

– After the match, the music hits as Mysterio and his son hit the ring to help Owens up. We go to replays. Rey takes the mic after the match and goes on about how Rollins has crossed every line there is to cross. Now it’s Rey’s turn. Rey says Rollins is going into the match with both of his eyes, but he will leave with just one. The crowd cheers Rey on as Rollins stares him down.

– Big Show is backstage with WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. They both agree that they need to talk. Flair talks about his history with Show and puts him over. Flair says Show has lost focus, he can’t do Hollywood and wrestle. This is why The Rock hasn’t returned and Big Show doesn’t need this. Flair says Show wants to be everything the world expects of him, but people won’t change their minds about him. Flair goes on and says Show shouldn’t go into the WWE Hall of Fame with an injury from messing with Randy Orton, he needs to be healthy when he does go in. There’s more praise for Orton. Flair tells Show to give that some thought, he’s out of here, back to the good life. Flair walks off but Show stops him. Show says he knows what Flair just tried to do, and he is a master at it. Show wants Flair to do something for him. Show goes on about how good Orton is and says he has no empathy. Show says tonight Orton will face one of their friends, R-Truth. Show asks Flair if he’s willing to give up his friendships so Orton can be the Legend Killer.

– Back from the break and we get a video package on Randy Orton and how he became the Legend Killer. Orton is backstage now. He talks about making friends in the business and having Big Show, Christian, and WWE Hall of Famers Edge and Ric Flair. He goes on about his history with Big Show and how Show took him under his wing, showed him around the locker room and helped him. Orton isn’t worried about a few fractured skulls ending their relationship. Orton looks to Flair as being like family but it would be a shame if Flair did anything to jeopardize that. Orton goes on and talks about having respect for R-Truth, which is why it will be a shame when all Truth amounts to is another chapter in the history of the Legend Killer. Flair walks up to get Orton. Orton says he will be right there. Orton stares at the camera and we go to commercial.

R-Truth vs. Randy Orton

Back from the break and out comes WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth for this non-title match, rapping his way to the ring. WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair is out next. Flair talks about Truth’s history and says that’s why Randy Orton isn’t going to punt his head off tonight or anything like that, he’s just going to hit the RKO. The music hits and out next comes Orton.

The bell rings and Truth stalls some, still with his title around his waist. Truth goes to talk to Flair but Orton comes from behind. Truth may have baited Orton in as he fights back. Truth goes for a scissors kick but Orton dodges it and hits him in mid-move with the RKO for the pin to get the easy win.

Winner: Randy Orton

– After the match, Flair hits the ring to celebrate with Orton as the music hits. We go to replays. Orton looks up to no good now. He motions for Flair to step back as he stalks Truth while he’s down. Orton backs up to punt kick Truth but the music interrupts and out comes Big Show. Orton tells Show to stop walking to the ring or he will end Truth’s career. Orton knows Show is angry and wants to break every bone in his body but it hurt him more when he took out WWE Hall of Famer Edge and Christian. Show is fuming at ringside now. Orton laughs and says he wasn’t even going to punt kick Truth, the kick had Show’s name on it for next week. Orton proposes an Unsanctioned match between the two next Monday. Show yells out and accepts. Show goes after Orton but Orton retreats to the ramp. Show looks on from the ring as Orton talks trash about ending Show next week. Flair stands with Orton on the ramp.

– MVP and Bobby Lashley approach Ricochet and Cedric Alexander backstage. MVP asks Cedric if he got that “something something” he sent Cedric. Ricochet wants to know what it is. Cedric tells MVP he’s not interested, doesn’t want to join him. Cedric and Ricochet walk off. Sarah Schreiber walk up for comments, asking MVP about his game plan for Sunday. He’s confident that the victory is a guarantee. MVP isn’t worried about Apollo Crews and says he and Lashley will be celebrating VIP-style at an undisclosed location after he wins the WWE United States Title at Extreme Rules. Lashley is confident about tonight’s match against with Ricochet and hurting him, putting him in the trainer’s room with injuries. MVP and Lashley walk off together.

– Schreiber runs over to catch up with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. She asks him about preparing for a match when he doesn’t know the stipulation it will have. Drew is trying to give Dolph Ziggler a chance here. He goes on but Ziggler attacks and they brawl backstage as we go back to commercial while producers and officials try to break it up.

Ricochet vs. Bobby Lashley

Back from the break and here comes Bobby Lashley with MVP. Tom hypes MVP vs. WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews for Sunday as MVP carries the new strap out. Ricochet is out next with Cedric Alexander. We see how MVP helped Lashley defeat Cedric last week, and the post-match attack to Cedric that Ricochet broke up. We also see the later backstage segment where MVP tried to recruit Cedric away from Ricochet.

The bell rings and Ricochet strikes but Lashley takes it and fumes. Lashley ends up taking out the leg on the apron, sending Ricochet face-first into the apron. Lashley manhandles Ricochet some and launches him into the barrier to boos. Lashley with more offense for the next few minutes. Lashley hits a big Dominator but Ricochet still kicks out at 2.

Lashley works Ricochet over in the corner now. Ricochet looks to get free but Lashley hits a suplex for a 2 count. MVP rants at ringside as the crowd tries to rally. Ricochet counters a few attempts and nails a big kick to the shoulder. Ricochet with a standing Shooting Star Press for a close 2 count. Ricochet goes to the top but has to roll through as Lashley moves. Ricochet stuns Lashley with a superkick.

Ricochet flies back into Lashley with an elbow but Lashley catches him in the air with the Full Nelson. Lashley ragdolls Ricochet for the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

– After the bell, Cedric hits the ring to make the save for Ricochet but MVP gets involved. Cedric goes on and hits MVP with the Neuralyzer. Lashley grabs him from behind with the Full Nelson. Lashley drives Cedric down into the mat. We goo to replays with MVP and Lashley standing over Cedric and Ricochet. They exit up the ramp together, still ranting back at the ring.

– Back from the break and Tom announces tonight’s guests for RAW Talk – Drew McIntyre, The Kabuki Warriors, Cedric Alexander, and Ricochet.

– The announcers go over the card for Sunday’s “The Horror Show at Extreme Rules” pay-per-view.

– Charly is backstage with Big Show. She asks about Randy Orton challenging him to an Unsanctioned Match for next week. A furious Big Show confirms that he has accepted the match.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles Match: The Kabuki Warriors vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event as the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions are out first – Sasha Banks with SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley. They hit the ring and we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and the champs are in the ring. We get a new video package looking at the two, with Banks and Bayley praising each other. We come back and they’re thrilled with the video. Out next are The Kabuki Warriors – Kairi Sane and RAW Women’s Champion Asuka. We get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome.

Banks and Bayley attack during the formal introductions. Asuka and Sane end up fighting back and hitting dropkicks on the champs at the same time. The Kabuki Warriors send Banks and Bayley retreating to the floor as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and the bell rings as the match begins. Asuka and Banks go at it early on. They avoid some shots and Banks goes to the corner so Bayley can tag herself in. Asuka sends Bayley into the ropes and shakes her up. They lock up again and go back to the ropes as the referee counts. Asuka catches a kick and unloads with a knee and kicks of her own. Bayley catches a kick and traps her in the ropes, slamming her to the mat. Bayley works Asuka over into the corner now, tagging in Banks for the quick double team. Banks with more offense for a 2 count. Bayley tags back in for the double team. Bayley puts Asuka on the ropes and hits her in the face with a forearm.

Bayley pushes Asuka back to the mat and covers for a 2 count. Asuka fights back from the mat but Bayley tackles her with strikes, showing frustration now. Asuka backs Bayley off and then drops her with a Codebreaker for a pop. Sane tags in and leaps off Bayley’s back, nailing Banks on the apron. Sane with a running Blockbuster to Bayley for a pop. Banks runs in but Sane rocks them both. Sane sends both of them flying now as the cheers continue. Sane goes on and hits a double Spear next.

Sane stomps around the ring and hits the sliding knee to Bayley in the corner. Bayley kicks out at 2. Sane with lefts and rights to Bayley. Bayley fights but Sane kicks her. Sane sends Bayley flying to the floor with a headscissors. Banks comes back in but gets sent out next to Bayley. Asuka comes in and The Kabuki Warriors hit double Hip Attacks to knock the champs back off the apron.

Asuka ends up with Banks in the ring now. Asuka with big kicks while Banks is on her knees. Banks eats the roundhouse kick but still kicks out at 2. Asuka grounds Banks in the middle of the ring now. Asuka keeps Banks down and focuses on the arm now. Banks fights up but Asuka hits a big Hip Attack in the corner. Sane tags in and goes to the top but Bayley pulls Asuka off the apron, sending her to the floor. This allows Banks to kick Sane from the top to the mat. Sane still kicks out at 2.

Banks tosses Sane out to the floor. Bayley tags in and is legal now. They both grab Sane and catapult her face-first into the Plexiglas barrier at ringside. The crowd boos and we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Banks has Sane grounded. Sane tries to fight up and out but Banks drives her back down for a 2 count. Asuka reaches for the tag. Bayley tags back in and they double team Sane in their corner as the crowd boos. Banks and Bayley keep control, getting in more cheap shots and keeping Sane grounded. Banks with a suplex for a 2 count. Bayley tags back in and puts her backside in Sane’s face while Banks holds her. Bayley with some trash talking before grounding Sane with force once again.

Sane rocks Bayley in the face to break free. Sane crawls for the tag but Banks tags in and stops it. Banks covers for a 2 count. Banks yells at Sane to give up. Sane kicks Banks away once again but Banks stops the tag. Sane finally levels Banks with a big spinning backfist. Asuka and Bayley tag in t the same time. Asuka unloads on the champ and sends Banks off the apron with a Hip Attack. Sane runs wild on Bayley for a pop, also hitting a Hip Attack on her. Asuka fights off the double team and drops them both for a 2 count on Bayley. The crowd rallies for Asuka as she runs for a sliding kick to Bayley from the apron. Asuka gets free and hits a knee to the face from the apron. Asuka brings Bayley back in the ring for a close 2 count.

Asuka jumps to the top but Bayley hits her. Asuka comes back but ends up down in the corner. Banks tags in and hits the running Meteora in the corner. Asuka still kicks out at 2. Bayley tags back in for more double teaming, driving Asuka down into the mat. Bayley covers but Asuka kicks out. Bayley takes Asuka to the top as the crowd cheers her on. Bayley hits a big hurricanrana. Bayley then runs over and knocks Sane off the apron as Banks comes off the top with a big crossbody for a pin. Asuka turns that into a pin but can’t get it. Asuka ends up applying the Asuka Lock to Banks. Bayley comes in but Sane charges with a Spear. Banks rolls over to get the bottom rope, breaking the Asuka Lock up.

More back and forth and counters between Banks and Asuka in the middle of the ring. Asuka ends up dropping Banks with a big kick to the face. Sane goes to the top and hits the InSane Elbow on Banks. She covers for the win but Bayley pulls Banks out of the ring to safety. Asuka tries to attack Bayley on the floor but Bayley drops her with a shot to the face, putting her down on the floor. Sane attacks Bayley at ringside. Sane goes back to the top and nails Banks with a flying forearm to the face. Sane with an Alabama Slam to Banks in the middle of the ring. Sane charges Banks again with the low clothesline but she goes right into the Bank Statement. Banks tightens the hold and Sane taps out.

Winners: Sasha Banks and Bayley

– After the match, Banks and Bayley celebrate as their music hits. We go to replays. Asuka checks on Sane in the middle of the ring now. Banks and Bayley celebrate on the ramp as the final RAW before WWE’s “The Horror Show at Extreme Rules” goes off the air.