Randy Orton
Randy Orton

The main event of this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw saw Randy Orton facing Kevin Owens in a singles match with the WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair being at the ringside.

Orton won the fight and he then cut a promo on the Nature Boy, saying Flair’s ego during last week’s backstage segment with Owens got him into this bout.

The Viper went on to insult Flair and he made things personal, causing the WWE legend to get emotional. Randy then tried to turn things around and he embraced Flair, only to low blow him from behind.

Randy Orton didn’t stop there and he continued his attack on the 2 time Hall Of Famer with a punt kick to Flair’s head. Though fans weren’t able to see the actual kick due to the technical difficulties caused by RETRIBUTION and the lights went off and they came back on right after Orton finished the spot.

The WWE Champion Drew McIntyre ran down to check on the wrestling veteran after this and the show ended with McIntyre in the ring and Randy Orton staring him down from the stage.

WWE later posted a post-show video on their official YouTube channel and the video as seen below features the footage of Ric Flair being loaded onto a stretcher and being taken out of the arena: