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The Big Show On What Request He Had Made To Vince McMahon For Over A Decade

WWE Big Show
WWE Big Show

During an interview with Gamespot, The Big Show revealed that he had begged Vince McMahon to get him his own television show for over a decade prior to his current partnership with Netflix. Here’s what he had to say:

And I started driving Vince nuts back then about it. I wanted him to know that I could [be on a TV show]. This is something within my wheelhouse; this is in my gut. I can do this. And I think I drove him nuts for probably 14, 15 years. And when the partnership came up, Netflix had this idea of a retired WWE superstar, readjusting to being home all the time. And they wanted to do a comedy show. So when they partnered up with WWE, I had aggravated everybody so much, that I think WWE was just happy to give me this opportunity, to shut me up, I think.

You can read the interview HERE.