Sonya Deville
Sonya Deville

FOX 13 in Tampa, Florida has revealed video of Sonya Deville testifying at the pre-trial bail hearing for attempted kidnapping suspect Phillip A. Thomas II earlier this week.

Above is local news video that shows Deville and Thomas in court, and footage of Thomas in police custody this past weekend.

Below is another local news video that includes surveillance camera footage from Deville’s home, showing she and Thomas in her home last Sunday.

Thomas’ public defender tried to get him a $2 million bond but Judge Catlin denied that request. He will remain incarcerated at the Hillsborough County Jail until trial. You can click here for disturbing details, from Deville’s testimony, on the various threats Thomas had made to her, along with details on what happened when she confronted him in her home this past Sunday, and full details on Thomas’ background. You can click here for news on how WWE stars reacted to the incident, including news on gun permits being applied for.

Stay tuned for updates on the case. Deville will face Mandy Rose, who was in the house with her at the time of the incident, in a No DQ Loser Leaves WWE Match at WWE SummerSlam on Sunday.