Ryback WWE
Ryback WWE

During his recent Shooting Blanks podcast, Ryback defended Nia Jax against criticism that she has received for being ‘dangerous’ in the ring. Here’s what he had to say:

I’ve gotten this from fans where they used me in storyline angles to injure people…it was especially when I was a babyface, they did a bit. Like, they did one where they said I injured Punk’s knee, which Punk’s knee was hurt—that was a storyline to get Punk off TV. Because I remember I would get some, like hate and stuff, like, ‘You f***ing hurt this guy’ and I’m like, ‘What? People are responding to worked things like that?

I remember they did it with Kofi to write Kofi off of TV. He had bone chips in his elbow and I was heel, I think. I was getting ready…I don’t know if that was leading up to me and Cena, but I was power-bombing people like crazy. I power bombed Kofi through three tables in Canada, and I remember they then put it on dot-com that I hurt Kofi’s elbow. People, in their heads, Ryback just hurts people, right? And I’m this big, jacked-up strong guy, and that creates this aura about you. So, my thing is, you don’t necessarily know when they’re doing that some times.

There’s a way to do things where you make it look like you’re really hurting someone way worse than you are, also.
There’s so many little things that people, they don’t know because, they don’t know.

You can do that to me all day long and I’m not getting hurt. You can throw me 10 times harder than that. And that’s a real thing, knowing how to protect yourself.

Who has come out and said that, what’s the source that said this was Nia’s fault? This is bulls*** wrestling. Anybody in the back – these sht producers and people – they stir up sht all day long. I don’t have time for it. If Nia was truly as dangerous as what people want to believe, she would not be working every week on TV. She wouldn’t. She wouldn’t. If I was remotely dangerous, would I be working with all of these main-eventers? No, I would have been pulled out of it.

You can listen to the podcast below: