Edge Joins Christian for “The Peep Show”
Edge Joins Christian for “The Peep Show”

Christian returned to RAW for an episode of the Peep Show. Christian invited Edge down to the ring ahead of the “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” against Randy Orton this Sunday at Backlash.

Christian claimed that it looked like Edge was running on fumes, which prompted a “you still got it!” chant from the crowd. He then insulted Edge some more by saying Edge couldn’t even have the greatest wrestling match ever in his prime.

Edge noted that he hasn’t been in a traditional wrestling match for 9 years and now it is being labeled as the greatest ever. Christian claimed that Edge was making excuses and brought up his late mother. Christian said that she was there for all his big matches and will be there for this one even if Edge thinks she is not.

Edge got up and started Christian down. Christian smiled and said that was what he was looking for. Christian added that he believes in Edge and that he can defeat Randy Orton in the greatest wrestling match ever at Backlash.

Randy Orton interrupted from the jumbotron and told them both to shut up. Orton vowed to embarrass Edge at Backlash and send him back to his wife & daughters. Randy claimed that the redemption of Edge was over at Backlash. Edge stated that it is not and walked backstage.