Matt Riddle
Matt Riddle

King Baron Corbin is reportedly unhappy about plans for he and Matt Riddle to feud on WWE SmackDown.

Corbin only recently found out about the plans for the feud with Riddle, according to a new report from Gary Cassidy of Sportskeeda. The plan for Riddle’s first lengthy rivalry on the blue brand has always been scheduled to be with Corbin.

While Corbin just found out about the feud with Riddle last week, word is that Riddle has known about the plans for several months.

Corbin reportedly insisted that Riddle should have to beat “five enhancement talents” before getting the chance to face him.

This week’s SmackDown main event saw Jeff Hardy defeated Corbin after Corbin had earlier disrespected The Undertaker, on a show that was a tribute to The Deadman and his 30 year career. The show ended with Riddle, Hardy, WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman and SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day taking turns on Corbin in the middle of the ring.

Riddle made his in-ring debut on SmackDown just last week, picking up a non-title win over WWE Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles.

As we’ve noted, there is history between Riddle and Corbin as Corbin eliminated Riddle during the 2019 WWE Survivor Series Triple Threat match between the three brands, and during the 2020 30-Man Royal Rumble Match.