JBL recently made his triumphant return to WWE television to manage Baron Corbin.

He’s referred to Corbin as the “Modern Day Wrestling God” in promos and claimed that Baron is the only reason he’s returned to the company. Corbin was traded from SmackDown to RAW in exchange for Rey Mysterio.

Corbin picked up another victory this past Monday over Akira Tozawa. However, Tozawa took all of JBL and Baron Corbin’s money in poker earlier in the show, so all things considered it wasn’t a bad day at the office.

JBL Reveals Stone Cold Steve Austin Named His Finisher

Baron Corbin and JBL appeared on WWE’s The Bump today. During the conversation, the 55-year-old revealed that Stone Cold Steve Austin came up with the “Clothesline From Hell” finisher name. JBL’s Clothesline was one of the best in the business.

Stone Cold is the one that named the Clothesline From Hell. You can’t name your own move. You can’t give yourself a nickname. I hit somebody with a Clothesline one time in Europe and I come back, Stone Cold says ‘that’s not a Clothesline, that is a Clothesline From Hell’. And it stuck from that point forward.

WWE reportedly reached out to Stone Cold Steve Austin about another match recently. The Rattlesnake returned to the ring during Night 1 of WrestleMania 38 and defeated Kevin Owens. Austin looked great in the match and may have another one left in him.