One burning question since RAW went off air has been answered: WWE‘s 24/7 Championship has been officially retired.

After making quick work of Dana Brooke in the ring, Nikki Cross became the 24/7 Champion. In a move that hurt the former champion more than anything that just happened, Cross pulled a Madusa and threw the 24/7 Championship into the trash can. There was immediate speculation that the title was no more.

On Wednesday, WWE confirmed the news by updating the WWE Championships section of their website. Underneath the 24/7 Championship, it has the dates 2019-2022.

The Legacy of the 24/7 Championship

R Truth as the WWE 24/7 Champion
R Truth as the WWE 24/7 Champion

The 24/7 Championship was initially viewed as a negative by fans. Eventually R-Truth would change that perception. He made it fun while people chased him all over to try to win the title. Some Superstars would win it, only to immediately lose it to him. He held the title a total of fifty four times. Overall, Truth held the title for an astounding 425 combined days.

A number of non-wrestlers were 24/7 champions including Bad Bunny (who took it with him to Saturday Night Live), Rob Gronkowski, Doug Flutie, Enes Kanter, Kyle Busch, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton.

No Way Jose claims that he came up with the idea of the championship. “I might have the year wrong, but in December of 2018, I wrote to my writer, and I, word for word said, ‘What if we do a 24/7 Championship?’ I’ll pull it up right now. What if we do a 24/7 title that gives everybody something to do.”

R.I.P. 24/7 Championship. You had a good run while it lasted.