Vince McMahon is truly gone from the world of professional wrestling and communication between the ex-CEO and the roster has dried up.

McMahon retired from all roles with WWE in July of this year, a month after stepping down as CEO and Chairman of the Board.

McMahon’s resignation came following accusations of millions of dollars paid out in NDAs related to extramarital affairs with female employees.


Though McMahon publicly announced his retirement, some have questioned if the ex-Chairman is as truly gone as it seems.

In August, Vince Russo said it was “impossible” that McMahon had retired, during an interview session on his Patreon.

Fightful Select reports that McMahon’s retirement is the real deal and that those in the company don’t hear much from him their former boss these days.

In his place, Stephanie McMahon has been appointed WWE’s Chairwoman and is Co-CEO with Nick Khan.

Triple H has replaced the Billionaire as WWE’s Head of Creative and replaced long-time McMahon advocate John Laurinaitis as Head of Talent Relations.

Getting Out More

During his decades on top of wrestling, McMahon was a known workaholic but is finding a life outside of the ring.

Fightful’s report adds that McMahon has been known to be out and about more than he was while still in WWE.

The billionaire was spotted in New York in August for his 77th birthday, which was attended by WWE alum including John Cena and Brock Lesnar.

McMahon was also spotted with an unknown woman, leading to speculation that his marriage to Linda McMahon has ended due to the recent controversy.