Reggie is back on WWE television as Scrypts in NXT.

Carmella‘s former sommelier made his NXT in-ring debut on this week’s show. Scrypts defeated Guru Raaj tonight on WWE NXT. The masked superstar connected with a dive off of the top rope to win his debut match.

The debut of Scrypts has been teased for some time now in NXT but it was unknown who would be portraying the character until tonight. NXT aired weeks of vignettes, starting on October 25th with an individual using a voice changer to leave messages at the Performance Center. It was revealed to Reggie’s new WWE character tonight on NXT.

Reggie is a former 24/7 Champion and was last seen on WWE television in June. He competed in a Battle Royal in June to earn a spot in men’s Money in the Bank Ladder match.

Riddle won the Battle Royal and Austin Theory went on to win the MITB contract. The 29-year-old’s last match was a loss to Shelton Benjamin during a taping for WWE Main Event in September.

Reggie captured the 24/7 Championship four times, with his longest reign at 112 days. Nikki Cross most recently won the 24/7 Championship and threw it in the trash. The title has since been officially retired. In a storyline on Raw, Reggie married Dana Brooke but the relationship ended in disaster.