William Regal has reportedly exited All Elite Wrestling after just 9 months with the company.

He arrived at AEW Revolution and convinced Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley to work together in the Blackpool Combat Club. The group had such promise, but frittered into nothing over time.

Claudio Castagnoli and Bryan Danielson are involved in an interminable rivalry with Jericho Appreciation Society while Jon Moxley was AEW World Champion. William Regal betrayed Jon Moxley at AEW Full Gear by bashing him over the head with brass knuckles to gift MJF the title. MJF then betrayed William Regal on last week’s Dynamite and hit him with the brass knuckles. Regal was stretchered out of the arena as his send off.

Jim Cornette on the Rumors Surrounding William Regal’s Exit from AEW

ECIII claimed that Regal immediately regretted signing with AEW because of “maturity issues” within management. Cornette noted that William Regal is not the only legend the younger wrestlers apparently aren’t listening to as Rampage sets a new record-low rating this week.

Speaking on episode 460 of the Jim Cornette Experience, the legendary manager discussed the rumored comments by the former NXT GM.

Let’s see now, JR (Jim Ross) gave advice and was publicly ridiculed on Twitter and on social media by the young folks over there for trying to give advice.

Punk, said well you know nobody wants to listen to anybody’s advice. Ol’ Hangnail (Hangman Page) actually came out and said ‘no, I don’t look forward or listen to much advice.

Do you think there might be something to this? A maturity issue within management. Almost like the people at the actual top of the company have never done any of this before.

But yet won’t take advice from people who have. It’s almost like that but that can’t be right because that is what we have been saying for quite some f***ing time now, is it not?

Jim Cornette noted that he wasn’t just talking about the talent being inexperienced.

Tony’s never done any of the sh** he’s trying to do before in his life except as we know now from his public comments, with his two other e-fed friends where they would book their e-federation for each other. And it was amazing that even though the fans in the arenas weren’t real they could get the feel of what was getting over.

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