On December 14, Mandy Rose received her release from WWE, less than 24 hours after her 413-day reign as NXT Women’s Champion came to an end.

Rose reportedly breeched a clause in her contract that set boundaries on the type of content she could create online. In this case, the explicit content on her FanTime page — a third party, exclusive subscription site — went outside those parameters.

Now, a WWE Hall of Famer has weighed in on the shocking release of the former NXT Women’s Champion. “I’m not saying what she chose to do was wrong for Mandy, but perhaps maybe wrong for the contract,” Madusa told the Wrestling Perspective Podcast. “If you know you’re going into the contract and signing with a company with these rules and regulations of what you can do and what you can’t do, then you should know the rules, right?”

A Double Standard?

Mandy Rose

“On the other hand, with her own fan page. I think it’s great to have side hustles,” Madusa continued. However, if you’re under a contract that owns your likeness, even though you’re using a different name, and you’re being presented in that way where it has effects on what you’re doing, a company has every right to have a standoff meeting and probably communicate with you once or twice, and then do what they need to do, or is it a double standard?”

The former WWE Women’s Champion pointed out that men in professional wrestling typically receive second chances when faced with similar, if not worse, circumstances. So, if Mandy Rose was given no prior warning, then Madusa believes it is a double standard. “Guys get warnings in this business, and they’re still employed there, which is unfortunate,” she said.

With the specific details of Rose’s release still unclear, Madusa offered up her insight into another possibility. “If she got a warning, then she still continued to do it, and then she got fired, then shame on her,” she said. “If you’re under contract, business is business. You know what you’re getting into period. Unless she wanted to f it up, take her hiatus and go somewhere else, then that was her choice.”

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