Injuries in wrestling can happen at any time, and in the case of Erick Rowan, WWE gave him small amount of time to heal up.

Rowan was part of the Wyatt Family in WWE and later worked with Luke Harper/Brodie Lee as the Bludgeon Brothers before his release in April 2020.

Since departing WWE, Rowan, working as Erick Redbeard, has made a handful of appearances for AEW, the most recent of which coming on the August 10, 2022, episode of Rampage.

One Day

Like any wrestler, Rowan isn’t immune from being injured, and that’s exactly what happened at Summerslam 2018.

On the show, the Bludgeon Brothers defended their SmackDown Tag Team Championships against the New Day and Rowan suffered a torn biceps during the match.

Speaking to Wrestling News, Rowan recalled being given very little time off before being asked to next appear.

“Every time I was off TV for a period of time it was because I was having a surgery. You never saw cameras around me. No. I was by myself at the hospitals, getting the surgery, flying back home, miserable, and doing the rehab every day.”

“They gave me one day off so I could hopefully deal with the pain.”

Erick Rowan.

“At SummerSlam, I tore my bicep. They gave me one day off so I could hopefully deal with the pain, and then we did a SmackDown versus The New Day where we used ladders and all sorts of stuff. In the meantime, I don’t have a right bicep that’s attached to my arm.”

The match on SmackDown would see the New Day’s Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods win the titles from the Bludgeon Brothers.

After Rowan’s pain got worse, WWE allowed him more time off and the former Superstar would not wrestle again until February 2019.