It’s looking more likely that WWE is bringing back the King of the Ring tournament as a standalone event.

Dave Meltzer originally reported last week that “there is talk of bringing back the King of the Ring tournament with a show that would be both King of the Ring and Queen of the Ring.”

What was unclear about this report is how WWE would do the tournament. Originally, the tournament was held on a single night, while in later years, WWE spread out the opening round matches on television and saved the semi-finals and finals for the night of the event. 

King of the Ring is Back

Triple H
(BT Sport)

On Wednesday, WrestleVotes told GiveMeSport that there is a good chance the event is coming back and it will use the original format. 

“There’s a very good chance that King of the Ring is back, and likely back in the format that had happened in the late 80s. The idea is that every single match will happen that night. In the 90s, a lot of the matches happened on Superstars and Raw, with the semi finals and finals on pay-per-view. If it’s going to come back on pay-per-view, which I would say is probably going to happen, you’re going to have a full-on one-night tournament.”

With WWE using the original format, it’s unclear how WWE would also do a Queen of the Ring tournament in a single night as there would be a lot of matches that would have to take place. 

The first-ever King of the Ring PPV event aired in 1993 and was won by Bret Hart. Vince McMahon canceled the yearly pay-per-view event after the 2002 edition because of poor buyrates.