Mandy Rose walked into Tuesday’s edition of WWE NXT as the reigning Women’s Champion. She left the show without the title and her job.

WWE released Mandy Rose on Wednesday morning after Roxanne Perez ended her 413-day reign as NXT Women’s Champion. The company believed they had no choice due to the explicit content Mandy was posting on her subscription site for fans.

Speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the legendary manager and promoter discussed Mandy Rose’s release from WWE. He noted that he is pro-porn, but not if you are representing a company trying to make deals with Disney.

In all honesty, and by the way, I’m completely pro-porn. But if they’re supposed to be [PG], they can’t do Playboy anymore, right? Because they’re a PG company, the sponsors they don’t want [it].

So I haven’t seen the material so I don’t know whether it’s mild to wild or anything in between. But if the executives of the company that she works for said well she’s a featured person in NXT and she’s the champion and all this stuff but holy sh*t, if anybody sees and finds out.

You know, that’s the thing if they say Jesus Christ, you can’t, you know, have an aunt Fanny out there in front of God and everybody. Whether it’s a private or personal deal or not, or whatever.

If it’s going to show up on the internet in some fashion, this is probably something you should have not done while representing us and we’re trying to do deals with Disney, then I understand that.

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette on Mandy Rose possibly earning more outside of WWE

It was reported that former WWE Superstar Lana (CJ Perry) earned more this year on her subscription site than she did during her best year in WWE. Mandy Rose’s subscription site will likely rise in popularity following her release from the company and the added attention it has received.

Cornette noted on his podcast that it makes sense that Mandy would choose modeling over wrestling if she can earn similar money.

The question becomes which endeavour was she making a bigger profit at? Was she making more money travelling all over the place getting in a ring with people that are going to land on her and landing on sh*t herself and getting beat up or whatever the f*ck?

Or is she gonna make more money in I assume a less violent setting showing off, as aunt Lola would say, what God gave her? So if it’s anywhere close maybe that’s the preferable f*cking direction there.

Jim Cornette

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