WWE Hall of Famer and former President of the United States had his championship belts seized by the FBI today.

The Justice Department is investigating the former president’s handling of classified documents. In August, The FBI discovered more than 300 classified documents that were removed from the White House and in Trump’s possession.

The Washington Post has reported that two items marked as classified have been discovered in a storage facility holding pallets linked to Donald Trump and his time. The storage facility had a wide variety of items, including wrestling belts that were turned into the FBI. It was not revealed which championships were held in the storage facility.

A source told the Washington Post the following:

“It was suits and swords and wrestling belts and all sorts of things. To my knowledge, he has never even been to that storage unit. I don’t think anyone in Trump world could tell you what’s in that storage unit.”

The Battle of the Billionaires

Bobby Lashley battled Umaga at WrestleMania 23 in a match billed as “The Battle of the Billionaires” in 2007.

Donald Trump was in Lashley’s corner for the match while former CEO Vince McMahon was backing Umaga. The All Mighty picked up the victory and Trump shaved Vince’s head after the match. Shane McMahon served as the special referee but Stone Cold Steve Austin interfered and made his boss’ life a living hell once again.

It was reported by The Wall Street Journal that Trump had it written into his contract that his head was not allowed to be shaved regardless of what happened in the match. This information came to light after WWE’s Board found that Vince McMahon paid $5 million to Trump’s charity in 2007 and 2009.