“This is not ballet. Every time we get in this ring we are risking our lives, do you people understand that? We don’t take that lightly.

And what I damn sure don’t take lightly is somebody coming into my company, dropping trow and taking a dump. That sh*t ain’t happening anymore.

Because this is the place and the only reason why it is here is because of Tony f*cking Khan! Without AEW, professional wrestling is a monopoly, and do not get me wrong, I love WWE! Trust me, I love WWE.

However, hear me out, your favorite wrestlers don’t get paid properly, and don’t eat properly unless Tony Khan makes that alternative. And I’m now going to finish it with more honesty.

Tony, I’m just going to keep it real with you. I’m carrying this godd*mn place on my back. If I were you, I would pay up in the bidding war of 2024.

Connecticut, you crazy mother f*ckers better buy this PPV to witness history because MJF is taking home the gold!”