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Winnipeg WWE Promoter Bob ‘Doc’ Holiday Dies Aged 80


The wrestling world is in mourning after the passing of Bob ‘Doc’ Holliday, who spent years as a key promoter for WWE.

Friends and family of Holliday, who died aged 80, confirmed his passing to CTV News, saying it was after a battle with cancer.

Glenn Johnson, a friend of Holliday for 35 years, described him as an “amazing man.”

Bob ‘Doc’ Holliday in Wrestling

In an era where WWE relied on people in different towns to help promote and organize events, Holliday was a key player for the company.

The man known to many as ‘Doc’ would organize events for the promotion in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the hometown of former Superstar and current AEW star Chris Jericho.

Holliday’s role would see him book arenas, organize publicity for shows in local newspapers and on TV, set up interviews and  

In the November 2, 1986, Winnipeg Free Press, Holliday summed up his take on pro wrestling.

“What wrestling is, is a good time. People have always had a good time at wrestling. They can come to a match and yell and scream and get all their frustrations out and you can’t always do that at a football or baseball game.”

Bob ‘Doc’ Holliday.

In 2003, Holliday spoke about WWE, calling it “one of the greatest indoor shows in the world.”

Bob Holliday

Holliday had success behind the scenes in wrestling, but he was accomplished outside of the industry.

A reporter for the Winnipeg Sun for many years, Bob was tasked with the crime beat, and knew everyone from cops on homicide cases to the local division of the Hell’s Angels.

Earlier this month, Holliday was presented with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal and is a member of the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame.

We here at SEScoops would like to offer our condolences to Bob’s friends, family and those who knew him at this sad time.