William Regal is officially no longer under contract with All Elite Wrestling. The former leader of the Blackpool Combat Club wants people to know he truly enjoyed his time there and any reports to the contrary are incorrect.

Regal announced on Twitter that his contract officially expired on Thursday, December 29, 2022.

“Yesterday was my last official day with AEW. I’d like to thank Tony Khan, Megha and all the hard working crew.

Contrary to people who’ve never spoken to me or have their information from people who don’t know me or are trying to make themselves noticed, I had a lovely time working there and had a great time. Lots of talented Wrestlers, and lovely people to work for.

To my fellow BCC members, it was a special, albeit brief few months but it cemented our already strong friendship. To everyone there, thank you for welcoming me. Best wishes.”

Regal will be returning to work for WWE in early 2023. He’s expected to resume working at the Performance Center and the company’s developmental brand, NXT.

Regal previously served as the General Manager authority figure in NXT, but he’ll remain behind the scenes for the foreseeable future. The terms of his AEW release require this to be a non-televised role.