Wendy Choo may not know this, but in professional wrestling, there are very few words that are “off limits” when it comes to insulting one’s opponent. Obviously, there’s the really bad words that we won’t even dare to offer conjecture about.

But then there are the words that could be heard on any given Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday night. We’re talking the ‘B’ word, the ‘S’ word, the other ‘S’ word, the ‘W’ word, and more. All of these are insults that women offer up to each other in order to antagonize their opponent and shock the viewing audience.

But there’s one word that has just never really been utilized, and for good reason. It’s, like’ the word. It’s the word that’s reserved for one’s worst enemy (or any Karen that asks to speak to the manager). We’re talking, like, the absolute worst thing you could call a woman.

Yes, we’re talking about the ‘C’ word and that is one word that you just don’t hear a lot in the pantheons of professional wrestling.

Which is why it was so shocking when Wendy Choo used it to describe Cora Jade.

Cora Jade

Cora Jade Fires the First Shot

The feud started with a match between the two on last week’s episode of NXT. Jade defeated Choo, which led to the sleepy girl having a bit of a breakdown. She started crying; so much so that one of her fake eyelashes fell off and creepily stuck to her cheek. It was weird.

The feud continued when Jade posted a TikTok video of herself mocking Wendy Choo’s tears. Following that, Choo decided to display her inner-John Cena on Twitter, offering up one of those weird inspirational quotes that only Cena or the girls you went to high school with who never left town choose to post.

Jade continued to bully Choo, Quote Tweeting her on Twitter and simply saying ‘STFU.’

Mean, but funny.

But Wendy Choo took things to a whole ‘nother level in her response.

So like, wow. We just don’t hear/read that word a whole lot in professional wrestling. It’s such a stigmatized word that we don’t even know if Wendy Choo is genuinely mad at Jade or not, nor whether there will be any real-life consequences for Choo’s choice of verbiage.

Regardless, the tweet got people talking, which was the idea.

We can only hope that NXT crowds don’t start chanting “C*nty Cora” at Jade in future shows.