Former WWE Superstar Velveteen Dream made his views on law enforcement perfectly clear during his arrest earlier this year.

Dream, real name Patrick Clark, was part of 2015’s WWE Tough Enough and while he did not win, his impressive performance earned him an NXT contract.

In 2020, Clark was accused of sexual misconduct with minors, and while WWE claimed their investigation provided no evidence, he was quietly released from the company the next year.

Earlier this year, Clark was arrested after an incident at a gym, where it was alleged that he attacked and bit an employee at the facility.

The Video

In a new video published by TMZ, the former NXT Superstar can be seen being taken into custody by law enforcement.

Clark tells police that he did not commit battery and that they should allow him to call a lawyer.

The ex-Superstar can be heard ranting at the officers, before admitting that he is “a little drunk.”

Clark also repeatedly tells the police that he was never told his Miranda Rights and that his lawyer would file a lawsuit, adding that he is a “WWE wrestler.”

After the Arrest

After the arrest, Clark was officially charged with two misdemeanor counts of assault and trespassing, charges that he would plead not guilty to.

The former NXT North American Champion was released from jail on September 9, after posting a $1,200 bail.

The matter was disposed of in September after the claimed victim indicated he did not intend to prosecute.

Despite the controversy to his name, Clark has shown interest in being rehired by WWE and believes it could happen one day.