William Regal is expected to return to WWE soon, after his release in January of this year left Triple H “very unhappy.”

This week, Regal was written off of TV with an attack by AEW World Champion MJF, who chastised the British veteran for making a deal with ‘the Devil.’

It was reported not long after that Regal is expected to finish with the company and return to WWE when he is able to.


Sources in AEW all are operating on the assumption that he’s leaving the company, Fightful Select has reported.

On the other side, sources from WWE who spoke to Fightful are all under the impression that Regal is rejoining their promotion.

One AEW source said that after the MJF angle that ran last week, William Regal was “done” with the company, and will not be appearing on-screen again.


Regal’s imminent return to WWE comes after the former King of the Ring was released in January of this year.

A WWE source said that it does not come as any surprise that William Regal is likely headed back, given how close he was to Triple H.

Working as a tag team in WCW in 1994, Regal would serve as one of the Game’s groomsmen in 2003, and the pair worked together in NXT until Regal’s release.

That same WWE source added that Triple H was “very unhappy” when Regal was let go, and those in NXT said they believed the Gentleman Villain would be a “lifer” with the brand.

Those in WWE expect him to resume an advanced role similar to the one he had before, but that wasn’t confirmed.