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Triple H Gives Update on Future of Survivor Series Elimination Matches


What is the fate of the traditional Survivor Series elimination match, following the recent Survivor Series WarGames event?

The traditional elimination match has been a staple of the November Premium Live Event since the first Survivor Series in 1987, and the show was only tag-matches until 1991.

This week’s Survivor Series WarGames saw the iconic NWA/WCW match replace the traditional elimination match.

Not Over

This year’s Survivor Series marked the third time in history that the November show has featured zero traditional Survivor Series elimination matches (after 1998 and 2002.)

On the Survivor Series WarGames post-show, Triple H was asked by Pro Wrestling Illustrated if this year’s show is a sign that WWE is done with the elimination tag match.

“I don’t think we’re done with anything. I think that when we look at it together as a whole, it’s about what’s best for our fans in the moment, Sometimes stuff needs a break for a while. Sometimes you bring it back later and it’s iconic. ‘Oh my God, they’re going back to that!’ To say it’ll never happen again, I think is wrong.”

“Sometimes stuff needs a break for a while.”

Triple H on WWE’s lack of elimination tag matches at WWE Survivor Series WarGames.

Group Decision

Given how iconic the Survivor Series elimination match is, the decision to host no matches with the stipulation could not have been easy.

On the post-show, Triple H said that this wasn’t a call he made on his own, but rather a group effort.

“I think it was the right year [for a break from Elimination matches.] We all looked at it and decided internally that it was the right year to maybe freshen up the concept a little bit. Either the five-on-five tags and maybe even the straight-out Raw Vs. SmackDown [stipulations] were a bit tired and needed a refresh. So that’s what we did.”

Triple H didn’t name who else was a factor in the decision-making process regarding scrapping the Survivor Series elimination match type.

The King of Kings took over as WWE’s Head of Creative in July, replacing Vince McMahon in the role.

For the Fans

Triple H did not confirm that the traditional Survivor Series match-type is done, but did not confirm the future of WarGames either.

As he explained in the press conference, WWE is taking a wait-and-see approach, which works around the response by fans to the show.

“We try it out. We see where it goes. And we see if the fans enjoy it. Because at the end of the day, we’re just trying to give everyone the best entertainment that we can. So we try things on. If they [the fans] happen to like it, we stick with it. If it needs to tweak [we will.] You’re constantly evaluating everything you do. You have to. Otherwise, you stagnate and die.”

Triple H’s ‘evaluations’ of WWE since being appointed Head of Creative and Head of Talent have seen several released Superstars be brought back to the promotion.