William Regal will finish his time with All Elite Wrestling this month, company President Tony Khan has confirmed.

For the past week, it has been reported that Regal’s time with AEW was up and that he planned on returning to WWE when he had the chance.

Regal himself has kept quiet throughout this period of time, but previously stated that he signed a three-year deal with AEW when he joined after Revolution in March of this year.


This weekend will mark ROH Final Battle, the third event for the promotion since Khan acquired the company earlier this year.

Speaking on a media conference call ahead of the show, Khan publicly confirmed that Regal is set to leave AEW this month.

Khan explained that Regal contacted him and explained that he would live to spend more time with his son Bailey, who competes in WWE NXT as Charlie Dempsey.

The two had a “long, good talk” and Khan said he realized that Regal was honest with his reasons to return to WWE.

The AEW President said that after granting Regal’s request to depart AEW, there was a need for a complete overhaul of plans for the World Championship scene which featured him aligned with MJF.

Khan concluded his talk about the former King of the Ring by saying that Regal will remain with AEW through to the end of the year and that he is sad to see him go.

Medical Issues

During his talk about Regal, Khan addressed the recent health issues his mother has faced.

The AEW President explained that prior to AEW: Grand Slam in September, his mother suffered a stroke, and would suffer a second stroke weeks after being released from the hospital.

Calling his sister an ‘unsung hero’ for being by their mother’s side, Khan stayed with her at night, and doctors found a spot on his mother’s heart.

The discovery coincided with Regal’s request, and Khan said he didn’t want to prevent any parent and son from being together.

The surgery on Mrs. Khan was a complete success and Tony said that she is recovering well.