Tony Khan has addressed the Colt Cabana/CM Punk debacle that led to the biggest controversy in AEW history with the All Out Brawl.

The AEW President was asked about it during the post Full Gear media scrum, and he confirmed that the Straight Edge Star never asked Colt Cabana to be removed from AEW programming:

“No. No, he never asked for that. The first time it came up, I think you asked me on a scrum call and I wasn’t looking at you face to face, it was before Death Before Dishonor, I think. He never asked me that.”

Addressing Colt Cabana’s return match against Chris Jericho, TK mentioned how he had been using him as a ROH coach and talent. So it made sense for him to challenge Jericho for the ROH title:

“I’ve been using Colt Cabana both as a coach and a wrestler in Ring of Honor. I looked at the roster and he’s a very logical challenger because, not only has he held the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship, but he’s also somebody who has been wrestling in the 2022 Ring of Honor, is undefeated, so I thought he would be a logical challenger for Chris. It’s also a good match,”

It’s widely believed that Tony Khan decided not to re-sign Colt Cabana due to his issues with CM Punk. After the intervention from The Elite, Khan offered Cabana a position in ROH. This is believed to be one of the major causes of the animosity between the AEW EVPs and Punk, which led to the backstage fight at All Out.

You can check out the complete Full Gear media scrum below: