Tommaso Ciampa is currently out of action after having hip surgery in October of this year, but had been dealing with the pain for close to a year.

Ciampa was called up to WWE‘s main roster in April 2022 and aligned with The Miz.

The two-time former NXT Champion’s name was shortened to just ‘Ciampa’ not long after his call-up but was reverted back to Tommaso Ciampa in September.

Hip Injury

Ciampa has been out of action for months, but he has been dealing with the pain in his hip for much longer than first expected.

When Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select asked about a possible recovery window, he was given no indication as to when Ciampa will return.

Sapp was told that Ciampa’s hip had been bothering him for close to a year before he underwent surgery in October.

Ciampa’s most recent match came at a Bakersfield, California WWE Live event on September 17, where he lost to then-United States Champion Bobby Lashley.

His most recent televised match came on the August 22, Raw, where he and The Miz got a Q win over Lashley and AJ Styles.

Dealing with the Pain

Sharing details about his injury in September, the former NXT Champion said it had been causing him to experience glute and back joint pain.

Ciampa said he had also been dealing with severe pain in his sacroiliac, where the lower spine and pelvis connect.

According to Ciampa’s wife, his hip labrum resembled shredded cheese, and in an Instagram post, the Blackheart thanked the various medical staff that has been taking care of him.