Malakai Black, Brody King, Buddy Matthews, and Julia Hart, aka the House of Black, recently returned to AEW television after an extended absence from the promotion.

The House of Black was rumored to be released and on their way back to WWE at one point, but at the end of the day, they came back to All Elite Wrestling on the November 23rd edition of Dynamite.

Speaking on episode 459 of the Jim Cornette Experience, the WWE legend reviewed House of Black’s return on last week’s Dynamite. The group showed up following Orange Cassidy and Jake Hager’s match.

Then they had a blackout, and then spooky music came on, and then to a big pop from this crowd, on the stage was Stevie Nicks, I’m sorry Julia Hart.

She looks just like Stevie Nicks in the day and that is never a bad thing. When the lights come on, the House of Black is in the ring behind the pudding gang (Best Friends and Orange Cassidy).

I mean there’s Pockets (All-Atlantic Champion Orange Cassidy) there’s Muffin Top Taylor, there’s Trent, whoever else is in that crowd.

And they beat up, the House of Black did, all of the pudding gang while QT Marshall’s The Factory was in the ring too, and they stood there and applauded it. So then the House of Black beat up The Factory too.

Cornette pointed out that the AEW fans were chanting “welcome back!” at these “satanic heels” after they beat everyone down.

And the people cheered and chanted welcome back at these satanic heels. So you had a match with a guy facing Jake Hager from the Jericho Appreciation Society.

And the guy Pockets, and his crew won the match, and then stayed in the ring so that the House of Black could come and beat them up. The Factory came down so they could get beat up too.

Through all of this heat-getting stuff, the people chanted “welcome back!” to the heels that worship satan. And then Malakai Black spoke and it all went to bleh.

Then they went to break. This is like the first season all over again. This is like they are trying to get the Dork Order (Dark Order) over again.

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