Chris Jericho spent the majority of his career in WWE but has found a new home in All Elite Wrestling.

Jericho is currently the Ring of Honor Champion and will be defending the title in a 4-Way against Bryan Danielson, Sammy Guevara, and Claudio Castagnoli at AEW Full Gear on November 19th.

The 52-year-old recently signed a contract extension with All Elite Wrestling, which reportedly surprised some in WWE that were expecting him to return and go into the company’s Hall of Fame.

Chris Jericho on His Issues with Triple H

Jericho discussed his issues with Triple H in the past and claimed that The Game almost got him fired because he had heat with Chyna back in the day.

Speaking on his Jericho Chronicles Q&A session on his podcast, The Wizard said he called Triple H for directions once and The Game shouted at him to “buy a map!” as his pals laughed in the background. Jericho added that he had heat with Chyna and that furthered his issues with Triple H.

There were a lot of issues between the two of us. There’s a problem that I had with Chyna that was kind of predicated by him.

Chris claimed that most of the heat stemmed from WWE guys not wanting WCW guys in the locker room.

There was a lot of animosity for real, because I had the audacity to come to WWE. People didn’t like it. They didn’t want WCW guys coming to WWE, because they felt we were inferior. So you could do ten things right, but if you did one thing wrong, you were under a microscope and you were in trouble. And those guys had pull, so they’d bury you to Vince.

Le Champion added that he almost got fired a month in to his WWE career after a meeting with Jim Ross, Blackjack Lanza, and Vince McMahon.

I almost got fired about a month in, I got called into a meeting with Vince, JR, and Blackjack Lanza and Vince said ‘The problem with you is the drizzling sh*ts. You’re not worth the paper your contract is printed on. You’re green as grass.’ I was like ‘Lighten up dude.’ There was a lot of heat, shall we say.

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