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The Undertaker Recruited Viscera into the Ministry of Darkness to Avoid Wrestling Him


Viscera was a long-term member of the Ministry of Darkness, but he wasn’t recruited into the group due to his in-ring ability.

The group was founded in October 1998 and was led by The Undertaker until its end in September 1999, when the Phenom went on a hiatus from WWE programming.

Members of the group included Paul Bearer, the Acolytes, the Brood, and Mideon, and the group would later unify with the Corporation to form the Corporate Ministry.

Recruiting Viscera

Once known as Mabel, Viscera was abducted by the Ministry during the 1999 Royal Rumble, and later reintroduced under his darker persona.

Speaking in an interview with Monte & The Pharoah, Ministry alum Mideon admitted that Viscera was recruited because The Undertaker didn’t want to face him.

“He was a giant human being, but he was a little reckless sometimes. When ‘Taker was doing The Ministry, ‘Taker was like, ‘We’re gonna bring Viscera in.’ I’m like, ‘Why?’ He goes, ‘Then we don’t have to work with him.’ I was like, ‘F*cking genius!’”


After being released the following year, Viscera would return to WWE in 2004 as the ‘World’s Largest Love Machine.’

In 2007, his character would change again to ‘Big Daddy V’ before his final release from WWE in 2008.

Avoiding the Match

The Undertaker had no interest in facing Viscera, but we can hardly blame the Phenom for avoiding the match.

In 1995, Mabel attacked The Undertaker, hitting the future WWE Hall of Famer with a series of leg drops.

Instead of hitting the Undertaker’s chest, Mabel struck the Phenom in the face, resulting in a broken orbital bone.

This botch earned Mabel significant heat backstage and would go on to lose to The Undertaker in a Casket Match at In Your House 5: Seasons Beatings.

h/t – Sportskeeda