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The Miz Reveals Acting Advice From The Rock


The Miz is one of those WWE superstars that doesn’t just stay confined to the wrestling business. He was a reality star even before stepping foot in WWE. The former world champion has continued to make a name outside of the wrestling business even after becoming a WWE superstar and bringing new eyes to the product with different ventures. One such venture where he has found great success is his acting career and it appears that some advice from The Rock helped him with it.

The A Lister recently appeared on Off The Beat with Brian Baumgartner. He talked about things such as his time before WWE, how he got started in wrestling and more. Discussing his start in the movie business, The Miz recalled how he asked The Rock for advice right before his very first shoot:

“I texted him and said, ‘Hey man, I’m about to start my first movie, getting ready to do my first scene. Is there any advice you can give me’” recalled The Miz, “He called me.

He was like, ‘Dude, the best thing that I could tell you and help you out with is just be natural, and it’s gonna sound so easy and so weird, but once you get there, there’s gonna be three or four cameras, you’re gonna have to hit a spot that you can’t look at, you can’t look at the spot. You have to be normal and natural. It’s action and you have to just make it feel [real].’ It was great advice. Because sometimes you see in acting, you’ll see a robotic kind of portrayal. I didn’t want to do that.”

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