Becky Lynch is one of the top Superstars in WWE, but she’s already starting to feel the pull from Hollywood.

Lynch is coming up on a decade with WWE. She joined NXT is 2013 and has been a member of the main roster since 2015. With six Women’s Championship reigns, her WWE career really took off in 2018 when she evolved into The Man, a no-nonsense character that allowed her true personality to shine through.

She became a mother in December 2020 and married fellow WWE star Seth Rollins the following summer. More recently, Lynch has been branching out into the world of acting.

She got rave reviews for her role on NBC’s Young Rock sitcom, where she portrayed inevitable WWE Hall of Famer, Cyndi Lauper. According to Rollins, Lynch’s acting career may take them both in an entirely new direction.

Becky Lynch’s Acting Career

During a recent interview with Iowa’s WQAD News, Rollins discussed Lynch’s burgeoning acting career and stated, “that’s where she wants to go.”

He added that their family may have to move ‘out west’ if she continues to land projects in the entertainment business, whether it’s television or movies.

“Her acting career is starting to perk up a little bit and that’s where she wants to go. So, if we end up in that direction and that takes us out west, so be it. If not, then here we are.”

– Seth Rollins

Young Rock was not Lynch’s first taste of being on a set. According to IMDB, her acting credits include roles on the television show Billions (2020) and the movie Rumble (2021).

Lynch one of several WWE performers who is looking ahead to life after pro wrestling, with a strong interest in acting. Earlier this week, Liv Morgan named acting as part of her future plans.

Catch Seth Rollins’ full interview with Iowa ABC affiliate WQAD: