Ronda Rousey is in the middle of another reign as the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion. 

Rousey made her most recent title defense against Shotzi at Survivor Series, where she was a heavy favorite to win the match, and that’s exactly what happened. The company is looking ahead to its next premium live event, Royal Rumble, next month. 

When Vince McMahon decided to call up Raquel Rodriguez from NXT to the main roster, the idea was that she would become one of the top stars in the company as the former CEO and Chairman saw big things in her. She was also booked strongly in NXT under Triple H, and “The Game” has continued to be a supporter of hers on the main roster. 

Royal Rumble Plans

Ronda Rousey

Rodriguez is set for her biggest match to date at the Royal Rumble as reports the plan is for her to challenge Rousey for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Rodriguez has been selling her left arm after being attacked by Rousey as last week on SmackDown, Rousey forced Rodriguez to tap out to the armbar submission. It’s unclear what WWE has planned for Rodriguez after this show.

Still, Rousey is scheduled to go into WrestleMania as the champion, indicating she will retain the title at the Royal Rumble.