There have been several reports about WWE’s plans for WrestleMania 39 and the company looking to bring back past stars. Now, the question of who Brock Lesnar will be wrestling at the company’s biggest event of the year has been answered. reports that Lesnar is Gunther is planned for the show. One person familiar with creative plans stated Lesnar vs. Gunther is one of the matches listed internally for the event. 

Gunther has talked about wanting the match with Lesnar because he feels a match with him would be his biggest possible challenge. He called it his dream match and spoke highly of Lesnar’s mind for the business. 

Lesnar’s Other Dates

Brock Lesnar
(via WWE)

The report added that Lesnar is scheduled to work the Royal Rumble in January and Elimination Chamber in February.

WWE is still months away from WrestleMania 39, and while plans can change, the report stated Triple H has all of the top matches laid out. Also, unlike under creative by Vince McMahon, “people in the company are not seeing the scripts being ripped up like before and chances are that, barring an injury, the current WrestleMania plans will not change.”