Mercedes Varnado (aka Sasha Banks) has secured some interesting trademarks that were filed this past week that may hint at her future plans. 

Michael Dockins filed the trademarks on behalf of Banks’ company Soulnado, Inc. which was formed in August. Dockins handles many trademark issues for various pro wrestlers.

The Trademarks

Sasha Banks

The terms filed on November 10th include the following:

  • Mercedes Mone’
  • Mone’ Talks
  • Bank Mone’
  • Statement Maker 

The filings are clearly not WWE-related. The trademarks are listed for categories such as jewelry, decals, clothing, action figures, and entertainment services. 

Banks and Naomi walked out of a WWE Raw event in May due to creative differences, as WWE wanted Naomi to win a six-pack challenge on the show.

Earlier this month, Banks posted a cryptic video that teased something “crazy” happening soon after waiting for it over the past six months. At Crown Jewel, Naomi and Banks were added back to the signature video package, adding fuel to the fire of their return to the company that has been reported about.

Several media outlets later reported that there were “hang-ups” in the talks between the company and the two stars.