Saraya says there is a clear distinction between the woman she is today and Paige, the persona she portrayed in WWE from 2011 until June 2022.

The former WWE Divas and NXT Women’s Champion shocked the wrestling world when she debut at AEW Grand Slam in September. She returned to in-ring action at AEW Full Gear last weekend, her first match since December 2017.

She went through hell to get to where she is today. After battling being forced into an early retirement and battling addiction and other personal issues, Saraya is ready to write the next chapter of her career.

Saraya recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet about a wide variety of topics, including The Rock making a movie about her life, dealing with negativity on social media, her relationship with Sasha Banks and so much more.

Saraya vs. Paige

As she embarks on a new journey in AEW, Saraya about leaving ‘Paige’ behind for good. She has matured in so many ways, she’s simply not that person anymore.

“Saraya is more mature, that’s definitely a big thing.. and sober,” she said. “The thing is, with Paige, she was.. she was this little emo girl teenager, kind of like the anti-teenager phase, and going into Saraya; I can’t imagine myself being that character anymore.”


Saraya is an industry veteran at only 30 years old. She was a teenager when she joined WWE, which is an important factor to consider when thinking about everything she’s dealt with over the years.

Looking back at how her current character compares to Paige, she considers Saraya to be “elevated” and “more grown-up.”

“Paige just didn’t give an F about anybody, not even herself,” she said. “She just cared about.. outside of wrestling, partying, and stuff like that. Where me, as Saraya, I focus on elevating myself, remaining healthy, mentally being happier.”

Saraya sounds like she’s in a great place and ready to lead the AEW women’s division into a new era.