Ronda Rousey is really enjoying herself in WWE, but it wasn’t always this way.

The reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion has had some ups and downs since joining the company on a full-time basis in January 2018. She’s had a contentious relationship with fans and even got some heat from her co-workers by calling pro wrestling “fake fighting.”

During the latest episode of her “Ronda on the Road” YouTube series, Rousey explained that she’s finally feeling more comfortable in WWE. It took some time to get there, but she believes she’s paid her dues and has earned the right to speak up for herself behind the scenes.

“I think this run is easier because I kind of know how things work around here and I’ve kind of paid up more of my dues.” 

– Ronda Rousey

Paying Her Dues

Rousey was a global sports icon when she made the leap into pro wrestling. She was a natural from the moment she first step foot in the ring, but being a high-paid rookie can come with some drawbacks. At times, she’s felt like she couldn’t fully speak up for herself.

Several years into her WWE career, she feels confident enough to speak up for herself and is humble enough to accept pushback as well.

“I have put enough time here that they’ll at least hear me out and explain to me why I’m wrong (if I am), you know, and that way I learned something. I think I feel like I have more of a voice this time and confidence to use it.”

The Baddest Woman on the Planet has been feuding with Shotzi in recent weeks. They’ll battle for Rousey’s SmackDown Women’s Championship at WWE Survivor Series later this month.