A big Roman Reigns match has been announced for the December 30th edition of WWE SmackDown.

On the final episode of SmackDown of the year, Roman Reigns will be teaming up with a member of The Bloodline. During tonight’s edition of SmackDown, Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso had a conversation backstage. Jimmy wondered what Reigns had planned for Sami Zayn‘s “big night” tonight. Reigns said he wanted to talk to WWE Official Adam Pearce and Paul Heyman called him into The Tribal Chief’s locker room.

Roman Reigns said he wanted to team up with Sami Zayn against Kevin Owens and a partner of his choosing. Paul Heyman suggested December 30th as the date for the match. John Cena will also be returning on the final edition of SmackDown of the year in Tampa Bay, Florida.

At the end of WWE SmackDown, The Bloodline came to the ring in what was supposed to be a big night for Sami Zayn. However, John Cena interrupted on the jumbotron and announced he will be Kevin Owens’ tag team partner against Roman Reigns & Sami Zayn on December 30th.

Sami Zayn Leads The Bloodline to Victory at WWE Survivor Series WarGames

Sami Zayn has spend the past several months trying to prove his worth to The Bloodline and he finally did so at WWE Survivor Series WarGames last month.

On the SmackDown before the premium live event, Jey Uso overheard Kevin Owens talking to Sami Zayn outside The Bloodline’s locker room. Owens suggested that Sami betray The Bloodline before they do so to him. Sami then lied to Jey about the conversation taking place, but admitted everything to The Tribal Chief when he talked to him at Survivor Series.

At the end of the WarGames match, Sami hit Kevin Owens with a low blow and followed it up with a Helluva Kick. The Honorary Uce then stepped aside and allowed Jey Uso to hit KO with a Frog Splash for the pinfall victory. Roman and Jey shared a hug with Sami after The Bloodline’s victory at the premium live event.