Ricky Starks finished 2022 strong and looks forward to keeping the momentum going in the new year. The 32-year-old from New Orleans has been feuding with Maxwell Jacob Friedman, AEW‘s reigning world champion. Starks won a tournament to earn a shot at MJF at Winter is Coming. Friedman retained the title, but Starks has more than held is own on the mic and in the ring during this program.

‘Absolute’ recently spoke to Casual Conversations and discussed his goals for 2023. The main thing he’s looking for is overall satisfaction and fulfillment.

“My main goal for this year is to really carve out my own type of… I want to be so fulfilled in myself,” he said. “What I mean is, I want to be fulfilled creatively, I want to be fulfilled in the ring, on the mic.”

Starks continued by saying he wants to be spoken about in the same way as AEW’s main event players.

“I want to be fulfilled as a person, on this television show, that has stepped up and is now on another level and he should be talked with those other people on that level.”

Championship Dreams

Ricky Starks holding the AEW World Heavyweight Championship belt

As a former member of Team Taz, Starks previously held the FTW Championship. He just challenged for the AEW World Championship, but he’s yet to hold a sanctioned championship in the promotion. He wants to get back in the hunt for the TNT Championship currently held by Samoa Joe. “I would love to win the TNT Championship, if I don’t get to the AEW Championship first. Those are things I want to do.”

He also expressed an interest in an acting career, a path taken by many other pro wrestlers. Starks wants to be star in the entertainment world and won’t let anything get in his way.

“Stepping out of the wrestling stuff, I want to star in a TV show, I want to star in a movie,” he said. “These are things that I want, that I’m going to get, because I deserve it. I’m going to make sure that I get it. Regardless, nothing is going to stop me.” 

Wrestlers Pursuing Hollywood Careers

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