Ric Flair has led a life unlike anyone else, but one gimmick from his past is something the Nature Boy wishes he could forget.

Flair’s wrestling journey began in 1972 and has seen the North Carolina native become a 16-time World Champion, though Ric argues the number is much higher.

In July of this year, Flair wrestled his final match, teaming with his son-in-law Andrade El Idolo to defeat Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett.

The Black Scorpion

For years, Ric Flair feuded with Sting, and in 1990, WCW introduced a new opponent for the Stinger: The Black Scorpion.

Realizing that fans had grown tired of Flair Vs. Sting, WCW introduced the character to give fans a new feud for Sting, who was still relatively green.

Months of segments played hyping the Black Scorpion as someone from Sting’s past, buying WCW time to figure out who exactly would play the character.

Wrestler Al Perez was chosen for the role, but after realizing he’d be working with the World Champion, demanded more money, which WCW refused to pay.

In a desperation act, WCW had Flair play the Black Scorpion, who was unmasked at Starrcade 1990, undoing the purpose of the character in the first place.


The Black Scorpion character was never resurrected by Flair, who has for years made his views on the character very clear.

Speaking on the latest episode of his To Be The Man podcast, Flair bashed the character as the most humiliating experience of his life.

“I did have the ability to make the call. I took one for the team. Do you think I like laying underneath that ring in St. Louis? A building that I sold out no less than 30 times as the NWA Champion?”

“That was the most humiliating thing I’ve ever been through in my life, and with how I conducted myself afterward. But I’m never the sh*ts.”

Ric Flair

Flair said that anyone who watches Starrcade 1990 will see that he and the Stinger did not ‘steal the show.’

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