Real1 (Enzo Amore in WWE) doesn’t want to hear comparisons to MJF because he thinks he is on another level with promos than the AEW World Heavyweight Champion. 

Real1 got over in WWE as a babyface alongside Big Cass (Big Bill in AEW) for his microphone skills.  Many fans consider MJF one of, if not the best, on the microphone and one of the best talkers in the business. 

While speaking on Busted Open Radio, Real1 was asked about MJF’s mic skills.

“Don’t ever compare apples to oranges. You can’t compare a career heel to a career babyface.”

The Showdown?

enzo amore talks about kurt angle

Rearl1 was asked whether he’d be willing to go toe-to-toe with MJF in a promo battle, and Real1 replied.

“It’s not even a question. We don’t have to ask those questions because if that’s the truth of the matter, my phone is on. People know where to call me. People know where to find me. If you want to give the people that shit tomorrow, you’d be wasting a lot of time, money, and investment because that’s a build that deserves to be built. I’m not taking anything away from other people who do great work on the microphone, I want to see other people eat. Generational talent? I had ten years in this business. My first generation, my decade is done. What I did is undeniable. You can’t ever discredit it. I’m called a babyface because I got over. I don’t have to shit on the people and bury the people. I can make people love me. I can make people listen, cheer, chant. You can’t do that. Until you make people chant your catchphrases, love you, and book you as babyface, it’s easy to be a heel. It’s easy to shit on these people. It’s real easy. “

Real1 brought up how he created the word, Sawft, and mentioned that he didn’t curse for seven years in WWE to get a cheap pop.  Rearl1 thinks he would destroy MJF on the mic in a five-minute promo battle.

“Don’t ever compare apples to oranges. Don’t ever disrespect me. Five minutes? Brutalize him. You give me five minutes on a live microphone, I’m trending number one in the world. When is the time you drew a two? When CM Punk got there is when they drew a two? If I show up on that screen, you’re getting the number one trend in the world, guaranteed, with or without MJF on the screen. I didn’t have to be there when Cass showed up, and he trended, and I trended number five on my fucking couch. It wasn’t Wardlow trending, it wasn’t Cass, it was Enzo trending.”

Real1 said that no three letters could hold him, including WWE, AEW, and MJF, before reiterating that he didn’t need to take cheap shots on the microphone to get over. 

WWE released Real1 in January 2018 due to sexual assault allegations before the Phoenix Police Department ceased their investigation due to insufficient evidence a few months later. 

H/T to Fightful for the transcription