Bret Hart is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer with dozens of titles to his name, but none of it compares to giving Vince McMahon a shiner.

After being screwed of the WWF Championship in Montreal, Hart confronted McMahon and punched his soon-to-be ex-boss, giving the then-Chairman a black eye.

The wrestling urban legend is that Hart knocked out McMahon with his one punch.

Dark Thoughts

Hart being screwed out of the title came after over a decade of dedicated work for McMahon, and after Earl Hebner swore on his kids’ lives that there’d be no funny business.

As you’d expect, Hart was furious after the match, and made that clear when speaking to The Ringer.

“I’m a pretty easygoing guy. But I do know that I had a lot of dark thoughts, really crazy, dark thoughts about how angry I was when that happened.”

The Hitman added that he initially tried to confront McMahon in his office, but felt relieved that the door was locked.

The Greatest Thing I Ever Did

Hart didn’t confront the Chairman in his office, but McMahon made the brave decision to approach Hart in the locker room.

Speaking about the punch he gave the billionaire, Hart admitted it could be seen as foolish, but he does not regret it one bit.

“It was probably the greatest thing I ever did, in the sense that I stood up for myself like no other wrestler ever stood up for themselves.”

Bret Hart.

Hart would exit the WWF for WCW, and it wouldn’t be until January 2020 that the Hitman next appeared on a Vince McMahon broadcast.

h/t – Wrestling Inc