Is CM Punk going to return to WWE soon? Not if some in the company can help it.

Since his explosive comments at AEW All Out and the backstage fight, it has been rumored that Punk could return to WWE despite his infamous 2014 walkout.

Punk has been suspended from AEW since All Out and there is no sign of his return despite the investigation into the backstage fight recently concluding.

Do Not Want

Punk in WWE, despite the frosty relationship between the two sides over the years, would certainly be a huge deal at a time when the company is at war with AEW.

Triple H has reportedly “softened” his stance on CM Punk but not everyone is wanting to see him return.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that many in WWE do not want Punk back, but they have no say over the creative.

“I know people in WWE who absolutely do not want him [CM Punk] there, but they are not the people on the creative team.”

Dave Meltzer.

Meltzer added that those people in WWE are aware of what happened in AEW, and seriously question why risk the same happening in their promotion.

This attitude isn’t too different from the feeling in AEW, with reports that talent will refuse to work with Punk if he is brought back by Tony Khan.


Many in WWE may be opposed to a CM Punk return, but it will ultimately come down to what WWE co-CEOs Nick Khan and Stephanie McMahon, and WWE Head of Creative/Talent Triple H, think is best.

On his show, Meltzer said that Triple H may be against bringing Punk in, and questioned what Vince McMahon would do if he was still in charge.

““Paul may just go in there and go, ‘Look what happened, we don’t need it’. And they don’t. They don’t need it, and he may just do that.

““If it was Vince, Vince would do it I think, with that kind of money at stake.”

Dave Meltzer.

CM Punk’s status with AEW remains unclear, and Tony Khan has made it clear he will not be addressing the matter in public.

Fightful have previously reported that there are currently no plans to bring Punk back to AEW.