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NXT Scrypts Character Inspired by WWE’s Poop-Smearing Stalker (Report)


Scrypts has, at last, arrived in WWE NXT, but the inspiration for the character comes from one of the promotion’s most problematic fans.

For weeks, voice messages left at WWE’s Performance Center teased the arrival of Scrypts, a seemingly anarchist threat vowing to destroy NXT as we know it.

On this week’s episode, Scrypts made his in-ring debut, defeating Guru Raaj.


In 2015, Armando Montalvo was arrested and shot outside WWE’s Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, and charged with trespassing.

Prior to his arrest, Montalvo had showed up at the center and would make a scene, often smearing feces on the side of the building.

Speaking on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that Montalvo proved to be somewhat of an inspiration for the Scrypts character.

“Do you remember the real stalker who was defecating on the premises and doing all that crazy stuff and he was arrested multiple times? That was the gimmick that inspired [Scrypts.] that idiot inspired a gimmick that’s out there doing flips.”

Dave Meltzer.

In 2018, WWE was granted a permanent order of protection, after Montalvo made posts on social media that were perceived to be threats against the company and talent.

Despite this, Montalvo remains active on social media, often tagging WWE personnel in posts.

While Scrypts has (thankfully!) not smeared feces on the Performance Center, the wrestler did graffiti his name on the PC in one of his promo vignettes.


Despite wearing a mask, many have identified Scrypts as four-time former WWE 24/7 Champion Reggie.

Originally Carmella‘s sommelier Reginald, Reggie got ‘engaged’ to Dana Brooke earlier this year, and the ceremony took place on the April 18, episode of Raw.

After Reggie pinned Brooke during the ceremony to win the 24/7 title, the two ‘divorced’ in his final appearance before debuting as Scrypts.