Nick Aldis wasted some of the best years of his wrestling career with the NWA, Booker T has claimed.

Aldis joined the NWA following the promotion’s relaunch in 2017 and is a two-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Seen by many as the face of the company since its relaunch, Aldis recently publicly announced that he will be leaving when his contract expires.


With Aldis departing the NWA, many have speculated on his next move, and whether he could be the face of another promotion.

Speaking on his weekly Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T doubts that the 36-year-old will be able to be a top star again.

“He’s past his prime… He really wasted a lot of time trying to make that thing work.”

Booker T on Nick Aldis.

Booker added that Aldis was one of the very few names with any “recognition” when the NWA was relaunched five years ago, but has doubts any star could have helped the NWA.

“I didn’t see one Nick Aldis match in the NWA. I’m gonna tell you that right now, so I’m not going to sit here and say I saw a whole lot or anything like. But to try to bring that brand back, it’s almost impossible. I mean, the NWA is a relic of what professional wrestling was back then.”

“To try to bring that brand back, it’s almost impossible.”

Booker T on the NWA.

Aldis has been openly critical of NWA President Billy Corgan since the announcement of his departure.


Booker evidently doesn’t think too highly on the NWA’s product, no matter who is the face of the company.

Speaking about underlying problems in the promotion, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer believes that fans have grown accustomed to a much different style of wrestling product.

“Nobody wants to watch wrestling like that anymore, in a little studio like that where [there’s] like no people, they’re doing the interviews after the matches like they did back in you know, Ole and Arn Anderson’s days in Minnesota. Don’t nobody want to see that.”

While Booker said he has nothing against the Andersons, he made it clear that the NWA needs to change in order to have a chance of surviving in today’s market.

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