The Hurt Business was a fan-favorite group that mostly got over when there were no fans in attendance during the COVID-19 pandemic era. 

First, MVP was the manager of Bobby Lashley before recruiting Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander. Vince McMahon dissolved Hurt Business without a logical explanation, which upset those in the group and fans alike. 

On Monday’s episode of Raw, Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick brought up the Bobby Lashley incident, where he was fired at one point in storyline. The announcers noted that WWE official Adam Pearce was waiting on Lashley to respond to him. WWE cut to the backstage era, where Pearce was seen delivering a voicemail to Lashley to set up a meeting with him.

The Moment

MVP appeared and asked Pearce about Lashley, teasing a Hurt Business reunion in the process., but Pearce was unable to answer the question as he was approached by a referee who told him about an attack by The Bloodline. 

Lashley has made it publicly known that he wants the group to get back together. While speaking to Ryan Satin on the Out of Character podcast in August, Lashley shared his vision about how they could reunite: