Molly Holly has discussed potentially competing in the 2023 women’s Royal Rumble.

The 2023 Royal Rumble will go down from the Alamodome from San Antonio, Texas on January 28. Of course, one of the matches that will be taking place that night is the women’s Royal Rumble match, which will guarantee the winner a shot at a World Title of their choosing at WrestleMania.

One of the best parts of the rumble is the surprise returns that it offers. Molly Holly was one of the more notable special appearances in the rumble last year. Speaking to K&S Wrestlefest, Holly talked about potentially competing in this year’s Royal Rumble match as well.

Molly Holly

Holly said that, if she does compete, she told WWE to give her a heads up well in advance so she could train for it. She hasn’t received that call so far, and the rumble is nearly right around the corner.

“I told the creative writing team that if I do have to be in it, I need some advance notice because it hurts to go from not doing it for a long time and then getting thrown in there. So they have not given me any notice as of yet, and it’s getting close to that time, so they better tell me soon if I am gonna have to be in it.”

Holly is certainly one of the more notable names the women’s division has seen in previous generations. She’s a two-time WWE Women’s Champion, a former Hardcore Champion, and was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2021. Seeing a potential return from Holly in January would definitely be a treat for many fans.

Quotes via Fightful