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MJF Hilariously Mocks Young AEW Fan


MJF, aka Maxwell Jacob Friedman, became the biggest star in All Elite Wresting simply by walking away.

He returned from his hiatus following his pipebomb rant at the now infamous All Out PPV. MJF confronted former AEW World Champion CM Punk to set up the third match in the rivalry but it never came to fruition.

MJF went on to battle Jon Moxley in the main event at AEW Full Gear after William Regal made a shocking decision. The former Blackpool Combat Club leader slid MJF the brass knuckles and Maxwell clobbered Moxley over the head with them to become the new AEW World Champion.

MJF Mocks Young AEW Fan

A young wrestling fan sent a video to the AEW World Champion and said that he was going to be at Dynamite this Wednesday night. The kid poked fun at MJF needing outside interference to win matches.

I hope you don’t ever win any more matches and that somebody else has a shot at the AEW Championship without actually cheating.

MJF responded earlier today and joked that the kid will wind up doing nothing like his father and his father’s father.

You aren’t gonna do anything and you’ll grow up to never amount to anything. Just like your father and your fathers father.

MJF will make his first appearance since winning the AEW World Champion this Wednesday on Dynamite. It will be interesting to see if the young fan gets to mock MJF back to his face.

This is not an isolated incident. The Salt of the Earth doesn’t take crap from anyone, including children.