They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but that’s probably not what MJF was going for with his latest bombastic suit.

Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite saw Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s first appearance as AEW World Champion. It was an eventful segment that saw the 26-year-old send William Regal to the hospital and the introduction of his custom “BBB” AEW World title belt.

Friedman marked the big occasion by donning a custom suit that features the text, “Better Than You” all over it. As seen below, MJF will stop at nothing to express his feelings of superiority.

MJF vs. Conor McGregor

MJF has been throwing shade at Conor McGregor for years now and his “Better Than You” suit may be his latest attempt to goad The Notorious into an in-person confrontation.

The UFC megastar made headlines in 2017 when he wore the infamous “F-U” suit during his press tour for his fight against boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. The custom three-piece “F-U” suit was designed by David August and cost around $6,500 (GQ).

There are similarities between MJF and Conor McGregor, but don’t tell that to MJF. Back in December 2020, he called comparisons to McGregor “cute” and “laughable.”

MJF said he appreciates what McGregor did in the UFC, but McGregor couldn’t spar with him and would get “absolutely bent over, if you know what I mean” on the microphone.

More recently, they’ve been exchanging trash talk on social media. It started when MJF called UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett a “Dollar Store Conor McGregor.” McGregor responded by saying he doesn’t know who MJF is, which really got him going. MJF called McGregor a “roided-up leprechaun” and challenged him to show up to an AEW event.

Tony Khan and Triple H have both commented on the possibility of working with Conor McGregor, who has also teased interest in pro wrestling: