Mick Foley may have just left Twitter but is making a boatload of cash on another application.

Cameo is service that in exchange for money, a celebrity, former athlete, or anyone with any notoriety whatsoever, will create a video message in exchange.

According to Betting.com, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has reportedly earned close to $500,000 and is the highest-earning athlete on the application. Brett Favre ranks at #2 and the former Packers QB may be in dire need of the funds in due time with his current legal issues.

The other wrestlers in the top ten are WWE legend Bret “The Hitman” Hart, and AEW‘s Matt Hardy and Danhausen. Wrestling is currently the top-earning sport on Cameo. DDP, Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, and AEW’s Darby Allin have done well on the platform as well.

Many celebrities film quick videos for their fans that pay them on Cameo. Mick Foley does the opposite and puts a lot of effort into the personalized videos and it is clearly paid off for him. The 57-year-old will often make Cameos for fans as his wrestling personas Cactus Jack or Dude Love.

Mick Foley on Paying the Price for His Wrestling Career

Mick Foley had a legendary wrestling career, spanning decades and multiple promotions. He earned a reputation for his hardcore styles during his career, and perhaps his most memorable moment was being launched off the top of the HIAC by The Undertaker. The WWE legend also has a comedic side to his character in WWE and The Rock n’ Sock Connection is still beloved by wrestling fans.

Speaking on his Foley is Pod show, the Hardcore Legend said that the price he is paying for his wrestling career is steeper than he thought was imaginable.

We’ve been looking over your MRIs and your X-rays. You’ve got too many issues. You got muscular, neurological, skeletal, and even if we are able to help from a neurological standpoint, there’s nothing we can do with those other things.

I’m looking at all these things I did during the course of my career and I mean, I’m paying a steeper price than I thought imaginable.